How much money do you need to study in the US?

The United States is both the most popular destination in the world for international students and one of the top expensive education institutions. You can refer to this article for an overview of all the costs you will have to pay when choosing to study in the US.

Expenditure 1: Student Visa
Starting June 24, 2019, the fee for the F and M international student visa will increase by 75% from 200 USD to 350 USD. And the visa fee for J-class international students will increase by 22% from 180 USD to 220 USD. The old fee schedule has been kept unchanged by the US government since 2008, so this increase in prices is a suitable decision for the international student visa agency to be able to operate smoothly in the state of high cost such as The current.

Expenditure 2: Air ticket
Depending on the departure location, the airline and the time of booking, the flight ticket price to the US will vary. In general, air tickets to the US are for 1 person and one-way flights at normal times will range from 450 USD – 850 USD. If you know how to plan and hunt for cheap tickets, you can absolutely save a lot of money on airline tickets.

Expenditure 3: Tuition
Tuition fees to study in the US will not have a specific number depending on factors such as study level, city of study, type of university and other aspects. In general, the more popular a university is, the more expensive the tuition fees will be. Public schools in the US are of course more affordable than private schools. If you choose to study at a Community College for 2 years, the tuition fee will definitely be less when studying a 4-year Bachelor program.

In addition to the tuition fee, you will have to pay additional fees such as textbooks and learning equipment. If the program requires an internship, you may have to pay an extra amount.

According to a report by the College Board, the average tuition fee for a 4-year Bachelor program at a public university in the US in the 2018-2019 school year is about 26,290 USD and the cost of books is about 1, 240 USD. You just multiply this number by 4 to estimate the tuition fees to spend for 4 years of college.

Expenditure 4: Housing
Housing costs for the course of studying in the US will vary slightly depending on the type of accommodation you choose. In the US, there are 3 types of housing that are popular for international students, including hostels, homestays and private housing. In which a dormitory is the most affordable option and renting a private house is the most expensive option.

Which city you choose to study in the US will also affect the rent rate due to the difference in living standards in each place. If you choose to study in small towns, then surely the monthly rent will be much cheaper than the rent in busy cities.

Also according to the College Board, the average housing cost for a 4-year Bachelor at a public university that international students must pay in the 2018-2019 school year is about 11,140 USD

Expenditure 5: Living expenses
Some activities daily activities you have to pay during the study abroad process can be mentioned as travel, dining, entertainment, travel, … Depending on your needs and personal preferences, this fee will be able to very low or very high.

For prospective international students to refer to, the College Board also summarizes the travel cost of bachelor’s international students for the 2018-2019 school year is about 1,160 USD. Other costs are around $ 2,120.

Based on the College Board report, the average cost of international students studying for a Bachelor’s degree program per year is:
Tuition fees of $ 26,290.
Books and supplies 1,240 USD
Housing 11,140 USD
Travel 1,160 USD
Living expenses 2,120 USD
Total 41,950 USD

Plus visa fee and air ticket, you can estimate the average cost of studying in the US will be about 50,000 USD / year .

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